We have a large selection of Air soft products ranging from spring handguns to gas guns to electric rifles. Covering all price ranges from $5 to $500 we carry brands such as TeamSD, UHC & KWA. We also have a large inventory of accessories such as Green Gas, CO2, BB’s, neoprene face protectors, tactical vests and clothing. We also carry spare magazines, rifle slings, and tactical clothing. Check out our “Tactical Gear” section for more great deals!

Ammo Cans & Containers
If it’s ammo cans you want, you came to the right place! We have .30 cal cans, .50 cal cans, 20mm and 40mm cans. But that’s not all. We have a variety of other larger military transport cases in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s for long term storage of food and supplies or geocaching, we should have what you are looking for. We also carry ammo can locks to keep your gear safe!

Bags, Packs & Duffles
From small toolbags to giant duffle bags and everything in between, we have a huge selection of backpacks and duffles. If you like old school backpacks check out our surplus military backpacks from around the world. We have packs from Austria, Sweden, Italy, France, Sweden, Holland Korea and the UK. If you’re into high-speed modern packs then take a look at our new tactical 3 day packs and assault packs that come in all the latest camo. We have packs in ACU, MARPAT woodland digi, MARPAT desert digi, Multicam and even ATACS! We carry a variety of brands such as Fox, Condor, 5.11 and Under Armor.

Camo Nets and Covers
If you need to cover something up or you are just decorating a space, we have the camo net for you. Sizes range from 10’ x 10’ up to 34’ x 34’. They come in various color schemes such as desert and woodland. We also stock parachute canopies in various sizes and colors. So whether you want to create some shade, camouflage your supplies or decorate a bedroom we have you covered!

Camping & Outdoors
From mess kits to tents and everything in between, we have it all. From lightweight to sturdy we have the gear to suit your style. If you like to travel fast and light, try our titanium mini stove. If you prefer a more leisurely pace and traditional methods we have cast iron cookware and comfortable military style cots. Whatever your style, we have the gear to make your camping trip a success.

We carry a huge selection of clothing for both kids and adults. Everything from BDU’s to sweats, T-shirts to thermals and socks to raingear, we have it all. We have surplus BDU’s for the outdoors man and air softer. If you want a casual military look, then check out our T-shirts from 7.62 designs. We have Dickies pants & shirts and Carhartt brand clothing for the guys who need tough work cloths. For law enforcement we carry Propper, Tru-Spec, 5.11 and Under Armor. If you need raingear we have a great selection of that too. Need something unusual? How about a Shemagh or a balaclava? No problem! We’ve got you covered.

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
Whether you live in an earthquake zone (like us!) or tornado ally, you probably need to stock up on supplies. Don’t be caught short without the essentials. Check out our emergency supplies and see what you need. MRE’s are great way to ensure you have food that is easy to prepare and can be taken with you at short notice. We stock emergency radios that run on electricity, batteries, solar or hand crank so you will never be without power. They also come with a flashlight! Chem lights, emergency blankets, water purification and first aid kits are all essentials you may also want to pick up. As the Boy Scouts say, “Always Be Prepared!”

Our selection of flashlights ranges from the inexpensive light to the high end military and law enforcement issue tools. We carry a range of lights from suppliers such as Maglight, Streamlight and Surefire. As well as hand-held lights we also carry headlamps, weaponlights and filters. We have equiped members of local enforcement for many years and have a selection that is second to none. Accessories for mounting and carrying your flashlight are also available.

We carry boots for the working man and woman. Military boots, tactical boots and workboots are all available. We carry jungle boots starting at just $29.98! If you’re looking for something a little more high-speed try our line of boots from 5.11 and Under Armor. You need them in multicam? No problem! Check out the Speed Freaks from Under Armor. You want a uniform boot to look good but also provide comfort? Try the ATAC 8 from 5.11 – one of the most popular choices of law enforcement.

Hats, Helmets and Headwear
Our inventory of hats is huge. From patrol caps to boonies, garrison hats to steel helmets we have a lot to choose from. The patrol caps and boonies are available in sizes small (7) through extra large (7 ¾) and in a multitude of colors. We even have the latest camo designs such as ACU, Multicam and ATACS! If you’re looking for a collectible take a look at our military helmets, some of them date back to WWII! If it’s for cold weather, we have balaclavas and thermal hoods. If it’s for paintball or airsoft we have neoprene masks. Need something a bit different? We have Shemaghs in various colors and designs. Need something for a Halloween costume? No problem. We have leather flying helmets and flyers goggles that will transform you into the Red Barron or Amelia Earhart. Take a look around, you’re bound to find something you need!

We pride ourselves on having one of the best selections of knives around – and we know what we’re talking about! We carry many different brands such as Benchmade, Cold Steel, CRKT, ESSE, Gerber, Ka-Bar, Kershaw, SOG and Spiderco… just to name a few! Hunting and skinning knives, survival knives, work knives and collectibles are all available. If you’re looking for high-end steel such as S30V, ZDP or 154CM you should take a look at what we have in stock. New items are arriving almost daily!

Patches & Pins
We carry literally tens of thousands of patches and pins. We cover all branches of the military and have both official issue insignia from Vanguard and civilian market items from suppliers such as Eagle Emblems and Eagle Crest. Whether you’re looking for a sticker, a patch, a pin, a challenge coin or even a flag – we have it all! We often help to customers who are making a shadow box to remember a loved one. We carry insignia, rank, medals and medal ribbons. We also print custom dogtags. Check out our huge selection or call one of our stores for advice and help.

Self Defense
Unfortunately society today is not as safe as it once was. In order to protect yourself from the many threats that exist today we stock the very latest in self defence equipment. We carry two main tools for your protection, stun guns and pepper spray. A stun gun will deliver a non-lethal electric shock to an assailant rendering them confused and disoriented. If applied for 5 seconds or more it can lead to the assailant losing muscular control, rendering them unable to even stand. The noise and visible crackle of blue light is usually enough to deter most would be attackers. The pepper spray we carry is by Sabre and is a 3-in-1 formula of CS tear gas, OC pepper extract and an invisible UV dye. It is effective at a range of up to six feet and each bottle has approximately 25 shots. So if you want to make sure a loved one is protected and gain peace of mind, we recommend giving them one of these cost effective self defence tools. You’ll be glad you did!

Tactical Gear
A rapidly expanding area of our business is tactical clothing and equipment. We have outfitted members of the military and law enforcement. Customers include the California Anti-Drug Task Force, Kern County Sheriffs Dept. SWAT team, Bakersfield City Police Dept. SWAT and California Dept. of Corrections. If you need a tactical vest, a plate carrier or just some MOLLE pouches take a look at our tactical gear section. We carry brands such as Condor, Voodoo and 5.11. Accessories such as pistol lanyards, rifle slings, knee pads & elbow pads as well as hydration packs are all available too.